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 Post subject: Steel Panthers Enhanced Explained
PostPosted: Sun Sep 13, 2015 11:03 pm 
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Steel Panthers Enhanced is a complete rework of the OOBs, Graphics, Sounds, Gamecode Issues, and many other things too numerous to list.
Enhanced incorparates something from all of the Steel Panthers series of games, be it SP1, 2 or 3, spww2, and spwaw, which all derive from
the original Game "Steel Panthers" SP Enhanced uses the spwaw mech.exe v8.403

The work on this project has been going on now, in one form or another, for nearly 5 years. Previous Versions (V1, V2, HTH, FV and DV/DVRN, 2008 and 2009)
paved the way for the latest, and the best, and FINAL versions: SP ENHANCED FR and FR-NL

These are probably the cleanest, most "historical", and most error-free set of OOBs yet seen!!!
Using new technics, literally hundreds and hundreds of inconsitancies and errors were discovered and corrected (Big thanks to DR Oregon for that one! )
SP Enhanced FR-NL uses native languages for all nations possible, for weapons, units, and formations. (Another great job by DR Oregon and his team!)
SP Enhanced FR will use the standard english names for nearly all the nations, altho there are some thrown in for flavor in a few oobs.

Many new units and 'special' units for specific theatres or 'campaigns' have been added to the game as well with even more added to the FR versions.

Some nations OOBs may "look" the same to you, but trust us, they are not. Many, many inconsistancies and errors have been corrected.
There are also many new units and formations in your old favorites!!

All nations have been worked on in one way or another. The "Historical Ratings" or "country training" have also been adusted for better game play.
Pricing has all been done using the "Programmer's Conventions" routines Mike Wood included in the latest SPWAW OOB editor. Unit Costs are now
based more on "combat efficiency" aspects such as ammo loadouts, armor ratings, speed, rates of fire, numbers of men, and others, as opposed to
being based heavily on "Rarity", as in past versions.

Updated Unit Icons and Terrain Tiles have replaced many of the original standard SPWAW versions.

Nations "Country Training" (experience levels) were discussed for many months and adjusted, and we feel now, that they are as close to a
historical level as can achieved in 'a game' type situation.

The "Willy Meter" has been removed. What is the "Willy Meter", you ask? It's the little * that alerts you when you have been spotted.
Many players feel that it is "gamey", and allows for unrealistic play. For more suspense and realism, this has been removed from the game.

Additionally, the "Artillery Casualty Report" was removed for unspotted Indirect Fire barrages. You now cannot fire artillery into an area and see
messages reporting how many casualties you have inflicted. This has been called "recon by arty" by some players, and is unrealistic. The AI cannot
use this "cheat", so we felt that human players should not be able to, either. It makes PBEM games less "gamey" as well.

The opening screen has been changed as well. The Matrix Games emblem and the picture of Wild Bill that used to be in the bottom left-hand corner
(making the Online Chat function hard to use), have now been moved to the top right corner.

Desert Camo colors have been added for most nations' AFVs; unfortuately, the German OOB cannot use this, due to code issues we cannot change.

The targeting crosshair has been redone; it is somewhat bigger and looks very nice.
The explosion and smoke graphic has been redone.

Over 160 new or different sounds and music files, nearly 450 new LBMs (unit picture files), and many, many, many new or corrected Encyclopedia files have been added!!!!!

The Long WW2 campaign is ok to play, thats one of the main things Enhanced was for, Play Vs the AI, and PBEM play.
Scenarios and Campaigns that have not edited specifically for Enhanced most likely will not play as intended.
Many HAVE now been edited for Enhanced.

Enhanced is NOT recommended for playing the Mega Campaigns., However "Desert Fox" has recently been edited for Enhanced play as well as
nearly all of the original campaigns and many many new scenarios have now been created using Enhanced.

Many many "team" members have worked on the various versions of this project over the years, my apologies if I missed anyone

Mike Wood - Consultant, Lead Programmer of SPWAW, without whom none of this would have been possible
Major Destruction/Sgt Oddball
Mau Fox
Gunny Erwin
Orzel Bialy
Jeff the Wookie
Korpraali V
DR Oregon
Max Von Mad
WAW Mephisto
Gallo Rojo
Obesrt Klink

While some have moved on to other projects, we still owe them a debt of gratitude for their conrtributions.

"Nothing is more essential to the establishment of manners in a State than that all persons employed in places of power and trust be men of unexceptionable characters. The public cannot be too curious concerning the character of public men."


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