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 Post subject: Turn off Auto Rally
PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2010 6:58 pm 
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Turn off Auto Rally

Auto rally is not your friend. It is costing you units and giving the other player easier kills. Turn it off now! Don't even think about it just do it. If your going to spend any effort to use what I am suggesting in this document don't throw away all your hard work by giving the other player even a small advantage when it comes to killing your units. What auto rally does at the end of your turn is make an attempt to rally every unit you have. If you think this is a good thing consider what I am about to explain to you.

Your infantry squad is spotted and starts taking fire. It is hit hard by fire from a few units and is pinned down but hurt bad. It lost 4 men and the 6 men left are suppressed. IF you try and rally them or if the game does it for you and succeeds those men will stay where they are in full view of the enemy. They will most likely take enemy fire in his turn and be destroyed. If they do live to your next turn odds are they are in bad shape and it will be unlikely they will rally at all and even if they do it is likely that they will not reach a low enough level of suppression that allows them to move again so you can run away. They are as good as dead. So if you can rally them you might as well use them to shoot at the enemy before they die.

If you don't rally that squad and have auto rally off they remain pinned and probably still in sight of the enemy player. The enemy is not going to pass on his chance to shoot at them so he will try and kill them by firing on them. Since they are pinned they will take less damage and will be harder to hit then the unit above that rallied but was still in the same position. This goes back to stacking the deck in your own favor using anything you can do to make it happen.

Lets look at the same squad who is routed rather then pinned. Same story as the one above. At the end of your turn if you rally it or the game does it for you because auto rally was on. What you will have happen if the rally works is a pinned unit. Not much better off then the one above. If the unit fails to rally you have the same effect you would see if you did not try to rally it and you have auto rally off. That squad will most likely retreat a few hexes after popping smoke when you end your turn. If that doesn't happen what you have is still a unit that is going to harder to spot and hit then one that is pinned and your going to have a unit that will most likely pop smoke and flee at the first shot rather then stick around long enough to take more suppression and damage. A unit that is routed and runs under computer control does not take op fire. I repeat, A unit that runs under computer control does not take op fire. Stack the odds in your favor right?

Not sure about this yet? Let me put this in simple terms. Once a unit takes suppression and suffers casualties it is on its way to being eliminated. The game offers units that are pinned and routed a bone and makes then harder to hit and harder to spot. Routed units will run like little girls from a monster. This gives you the chance to get them out of fire and to rally them in a safe location allowing you to bring them back for latter use. The units that stood in place just die when the enemy opens up on them. Keep in mind if the unit did rout it is no longer in dug in state. If the flag for this unit is not in its rear it can not fall back on its own. Your only hope of getting that unit to a safe area is to let it run.

Turning auto rally off gives you the control over your units and prevents the computer from making those choices of who stays and fights and who runs for you. That is your task not the computers.
You did not spend all this effort to let the computer decide this. Turning auto rally off puts you back in control of your forces. You make the choices of who fights and who is allowed to run. Remember a unit that the computer moves to the rear will not take op fire. If you move to the rear in the attempt to protect that unit after a successful rally attempt it can and probably will take op fire resulting it being pinned again. Like using op fire let the computer help you in ways that benefit you and do everything you can to prevent it from doing things that can hurt you. Turn auto rally off.

Oh one note here that is somewhat important to know. Auto rally is a personal setting in that you do not need to check with your opponent in order to turn it off. If he wants to let the computer make his choices for him let him do it. You don't have too. It can be changed at any time during the game similar to turning on and off the hex grid. Your choice has no effect on the other players forces.


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