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 Post subject: 2 HQ Units And Command Ratings
PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2010 3:07 pm 
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HQ Units And Command Ratings

They have a separate set of stats that control how well they will do in commanding units not of the
same type as they are. In other words the Infantry HQ may not be very good at commanding armor
or artillery you may assign to it. The Command Stats I am referring to are not the same as the
experience and morale stats I explained above. The HQ does have his own set of experience and
moral stats and those are used as mentioned above if you decided to use the HQ in combat as a
shooter. Not something that is ever recommended. HQ's exist to act as rally point for your other
units and as a commander they should not be squandered as one of the units that gets involved in the
shooting unless you have no other choice. They should remain behind the other squads and keep
them in the fight not enter it themselves. Dead HQ's units don't command anything and will effect
your ability to rally and fight your remaining units. Should you lose you HQ unit to combat the next
unit in line takes over for it as the new formation HQ. This can cause a formation to lack orders and
in some cases may cause a whole formation to become stranded in the field. HQ's retain orders
based on rank. If you lose your higher ranking HQ and it is replaced by a lesser rank unit you could
be looking at a formation that will never have enough orders to move or change stance as a
formation. At that point you will have to select which units get new orders and which ones will have
to wait a few turns for orders to build back up.

The only exceptions should be in cases where you have a full strength platoon that is also an HQ.
These units should still be kept out of the fight as much as possible and enter the fight only as the
platoons reserve to effect that last bit of fire that wins the firefight. Remember that once a HQ unit is
pinned it stops acting as a source of orders. This will cause the whole platoon and if it is a company
level HQ the whole company to suffer reduced abilities. Remember this since I will come back to
this single point latter in this document when I cover units that most players do not consider worth
the points. Orders are the life blood of your army. With out them your stuck. You could have the
best troops and the best weapons and lose to a player who has the worst troops and bad weapons if
your forces are with out orders.

In the picture below note the data presented that has been outlined in red. This is the HQ unit for a
rifle Platoon and while this HQ also has the Exp and Morale numbers just like every other unit it has
command stats that come into play when this unit functions as an HQ.


All units have this data and it becomes important if your asking a unit to act as an HQ for other
units. You will want leaders who have the best numbers possible for the sort of jobs you are asking them to undertake. You would not want a skilled Armor commander with no real skill at handling
infantry to be in charge of a rifle company any more then you want a solid infantry commander with
no skill at armor handling to command your Panzers. At least I wouldn't. If you have made up a
platoon or two of the more experienced squads you will want them to be under the command of your
best platoon leaders.

This unit is the Platoon HQ for a Rifle platoon As you can see this HQ is a skilled commander for
infantry with a 75 Rating. He has a poor rating for artillery and armor.

This HQ is not going to be much good when it comes to those sort of tasks and will most likely cause
Artillery and Armor units that are attached to his command to function at a lesser ability then if they
were attached to a commander who had higher skills in those areas. The point here is that despite
this unit being a good infantry commander you really do not want him commanding Armor or Artillery
and you would be better off if you assigned those sort of units to a commander who had those sort of
skills. Keep this in mind when you begin to re-assign units You may want to take some of the units
that came with a platoon away from them. If a mortar was part of this platoon would it be of better
use to assign it to an HQ with a better Artillery command rating then leaving it here with this HQ? I
feel the answer is going to be yes, It should be given to another HQ with better skills. You should
give this sort of HQ only the sort of units he can use best. If you assign him Mg's he will be much
better off then if you give him tanks and mortars to command.


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