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 Post subject: What to expect in this area
PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2010 11:47 am 
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In this area I am going to go in more detail about things that most of you are just not going to be
willing to do. I say this because unless you can use tools like the paint program and spreadsheet
program your probably going to have a lot of paper laying around and it is going to get to be a real
project to keep track of all your notes. All of this is made much easier to do if you can use the tools
of the trade. Teaching you to use those tools is not something I can or will do. You will have to
look elsewhere for that sort of training. I do suggest you give them a go on your own they don't bite
and are really not that hard to use in the ways we will need to use them.

The information that I present here is not necessarily directly tied to C&C play and can be used by
anyone but it is going to be based on play with the Low Carnage and C&C settings in use. It also
comes with the understanding that most of the restrictions players tend to set on the game are
removed. More or less anything goes open warfare but with the understanding that more realistic
forces and responsible and fair use of the units involved will still be in place. There will be more focus
on play against another human opponent. Most of the scenarios and things covered here will not be
done with AI play involved. At this level the AI is just not worth talking about.

Some of the things I will post you may already be doing. Maybe not. Some of it may seem out of
place here. It may just be. But I wanted to put them here rather then in a tip file or in the Basics
section for a reason. I have made this area available only to members who have logged in here.
I feel that if your willing to be part of the community you deserve something for that. I feel that
those who will just sit back and take from the community do not deserve to get it all. So this forum
may have things you consider basic tips. I will be adding in things here that are at the cutting edge
for you play with too. But it will take me time to do that. I have already done some of that in the
North Afrika Area and done the testing for it. So it will not be long before you see some of the
challenges I am talking about below.

I am going to show you that if you're willing to take the time and spend the effort to do some of
these things that you can squeeze the absolute best out of the units you have under your command.
While this sort of stuff will not give you a sure victory it can and will improve the way your units
function for you and that alone should give you better results. These things in the end should have
you thinking more about what you're doing and why you're doing it. It will give you an advantage
over players who are not willing to go to this level of play. This is going to be an effort to change
the way you look and think about the games your playing now. It will be your choice no one is
making you do any of this. Hopefully it will make you say HUH I didn't know that and look into it.

I ask of you only two things. Keep an open mind, try it before you blow it off. And the most
important thing remember to think more in terms of real world use of your units and not as game
pieces to be blown up and replaced each game. At this point it is no longer a game it is now a
simulation. That does not mean it won't be fun or a challenge it just means that your going to be
a lot more serious about playing it. It's not going to be a set of real battle case studies to see how
you could of done if you were in that situation or a history class. It will be about exploring tactical
situations and putting you in the place of the man on the ground. You will be asked to solve the
problem in your own way. No one is going to lead you by the hand. The point will be to test
yourself to see if you can beat the challenge presented to you. Sometimes you will, and other
times you may fail. The challenge will be in how you find ways to do things that work and learn
from your failures. You will be up against human players not the AI or newer players. The people
doing this sort of stuff are the better players who have been around the block and seen most of the
tricks and traps others have tried in the past. Despite the protests of the limited thinkers who will
take offense at the statement that you are playing at a higher level of play. Trust me you will be.
You will come to see things and look at things in ways they do not even see or consider possible.


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