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Russian River Crossing

Sun Aug 21, 2016 2:02 am

This is a 100 x 100 map of a Russian River It was made to allow the use of the Bridge Mod

(bridge mod found here.) making-a-bridge-is-possible-t1208.html

There are 3 crossing sites to choose from that allow players to build a bridge.
(Russian player should add 2 clicks (2 points or 20 dragons teeth to each reef hex)
Total build points needed for this is 24.
This is something players will have to do otherwise those crossing site function as
fords allowing immediate use as crossing sites.

No VH are Assigned to the map and start lines are the basic river lines dividing the sides.

This map can be used as a PBM map

Suggested time frame is May 41 for German Invasion or latter 43-44 for Russian Counter Attacks
against German defenders. The River is more or less in the middle of the map allowing it to be
used both ways. (you will need to adjust the Start lines on the crossing sites if you want to have
the Russian player build the bridge)
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