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 Post subject: Removing Or Altering Victory Hexes.
PostPosted: Thu Aug 25, 2016 6:43 pm 
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Removing Or Altering Victory Hexes.

This one is a bit harder to do then altering the start lines because you have
to be a bit more cautious when your editing the Victory Hexes If you miss one
or make a mistake you may not find it until your playing the game. It would
be best if you double checked each one and took your time before you save
the map off. The steps below are how I remove the Victory hexes from the
maps I play. This makes the games score on the battle and not on some
objective flag location that may not even be an objective in any reasonable
military sense. If your allowing the game to decide what is important to your
forces as an objective you might as well let the computer control all your
forces for you. Don't let the computer tell you what your objectives are. You
should know them. They are as follows.

Destruction of All enemy forces on the field of battle

Capture All the locations that provide an advantage to my forces and help
accomplish my mission.

Capture or deny the enemy All locations that provide an advantage to them and help them accomplish their mission.

If you stick those three things you will find that your going after what really is
important not the things the great military mind of the AI thinks is important.
Using this you can even make a random map more enjoyable to play on.

Lets get started on this

1. Start the game and select Play by Mail game. The at the next menu select the Editor button.

2. At this point I make it a habit to set up the options on this page to reflect the conditions
of the game I want to create on this map. It may not be necessary but I have been burned
by the games editors too many times not to be a bit a superstitious about it. It can't hurt to
do it. Set it up as you want it.

3. Once your on the editing screen locate the button that says Load Map. The requester
box pops up with a list of your maps. Locate the one you want to use and Select it.

4. Then locate the button near the load map button that says Edit. Select it. View the map
to make sure it is the one you want to use. If it is select the Exit map edit button to leave
this screen. You only wanted to confirm you have the right map.

5. The next step is to select the player 1 deployment button as if you were about to deploy forces. This will bring up the map and you will find at the bottom of the button list a button with 2 red flags or just hit the Z key and the menu will come up with the map

6. If you need to read the manual on the types of flags do so before you change them.
But to just remove the flags from your games completely all you need to do is follow these instructions.

7. I start by moving all the flags into a row so that I can see them and make sure they are
set the way I want them with out having to find them on the map. I use the top left corner
of the map area to make this easier on me. Then it is a matter of just starting with the first flag and moving them into line. Experiment with moving them around in this editor if necessary. It won't hurt the map so long as you don't save it. Once your flags are all lined
up move to the next step.
(Hint: Use the N and P keys to cycle through the VH one at a time click on the map to
move them)

8. Set the first flag to the player one nation. Set the second flag to the player two nation.
Set all the rest of the flags to neutral.

9. Cycle through the remaining flags and set them to act as points scored at end of game Victory hexes making all the flags worth zero points. Then go back and make the first two
flags that are set for nations worth 10 points each.

10. Return to the two flags that you set to be a the players nations and set them to be
remain hidden until turn 60 or until discovered. All the rest of victory hexes can be set to
zero points at end of game.

11. Double check them all to make sure they are right. Only the first two Victory hexes
are showing a nation and they are set as 10 point exit victory hexes to appear on turn 60
or when discovered. All the remaining Victory hexes are set as zero point end of game points awards and are neutral.

12. Find an out of the way hex that no one is going to enter in a far corner of the battlefield. Place all of victory hexes in that one hex. Pile them up.

13. Quit the build menu by clicking on the exit button. Quit the Deploy menu by clicking on
the exit button Check the settings on the game to confirm the game is set to the right theater and date with the general conditions you want set for that battle. Maps have a strange way of doing things if you set them differently.

14. Locate the Edit button you used to confirm you had the right map and select it again.
Then save the map by selecting the Save button at the bottom. The requester box comes up asking for the slot you want to save the map in (I suggest you use a blank slot) And the
name of the map (I suggest you use a similar name and add something to it to indicate a modified map) Then save the map.

15. Load the map “As Designed” when you set up a battle with it and the Victory hexes
should be gone or as you have set them if you chose not to remove them completely.

You can use this as a means of relocating victory hexes to more important locations if you choose not to remove them completely. It really is not that hard to do you just need to be cautious so you do not miss one the editor is a bit clunky to use.

This is the only way I have found that actually works, to remove the victory hexes from
the map.


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