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 Post subject: Reacting To The Enemy Is Bad For You.
PostPosted: Thu Apr 22, 2010 1:48 pm 
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In the posts above I told you I would cover this topic because I had said that reacting to the
enemy player was bad for you. It is. What you are doing is allowing the enemy player to
conduct his plan and your responding to it. This puts you at a disadvantage in most games
even if you are acting as a defender and are dug in deep waiting for the enemy to come to you.

To be successful you want to take every opportunity you get to disrupt the enemy plans and
cause him to spend time and orders to deal with what you are doing. By allowing them to set
the pace of the battle you are giving them an advantage. You are allowing them to show you
there forces at their discretion and when they want you to see them. This can lead to you
over reacting to a feint or falling into a well planed trap.

There is a difference between reacting when necessary to an enemy move and having the
initiative. Initiative is when you are considered to be forcing the flow of battle and for the
most part will be with the attacking side. When playing a meeting battle the initiative is often
given to the side who goes first but this is not always a guarantee that they will have it for long.
Since the side that moves first often will make an attempt to grab key ground or even the
Victory Hexes that are easily accessible to fast units such as motorcycles and cars with scouts
in them. Then in response the other side often starts a fight with these units to take control
over the ground or victory hexes that are lightly held at this point. This starts the cycle of
action and reaction that is not good for you to get into.

If you have stopped chasing the victory hexes and have made the effort to make a plan of
action you should let the enemy do what he is going to do and begin to work on putting your
own plan into place. In other words do not expend your forces to deal with the enemy forces
that made the dash forward to make a fast grab of ground or Hexes that they can not really
defend. Put your plan into place and begin to do what you want to do. Let the enemy do
what he will need to do to back up those forces he rushed forward. Let them have those
areas and let him build up on them. This will allow you to eventually force him into reacting
to you. As your own plans cause him to deal with your actions.

You will find that chasing the enemy each turn and reacting to his move is just as bad as
chasing the victory hexes are to your chances of success. If you do this your letting them
pull your stings and you keep feeding him new targets to attack in his turn.

You will soon find that by sticking to your plan if it is a good one, will force the situation to
unfold in your favor. The enemy will then be reacting to you. Sooner or latter he will
have to abandon his hold on the ground or victory hexes in order to chase you down and
deal with your forces in order to secure a win. This puts the advantage of being able to
dig in and take a defensive posture in your favor. Let the enemy come to you and at the
same time avoid reacting to his moves.

I know this all sounds sort of abstract and borders on double talk. Its hard to explain this
sort of thing. But I think if you have made a good plan and stick to it as you attempt to
avoid acting on the enemy moves in force you will find that your plans work better and the
enemy will be put in a position of reacting to your moves and not forcing you to react to his
moves. This almost comes down to saying that you need to stop feeding the meat grinder
that the enemy has put in place. Take your forces some place else and make them come
after you. Don't try and force an issue of the enemies creation thinking sooner or latter you
will over power them and win. Use the terrain and maneuver ability that you have to get a
better position on his forces. Make them feed your meat grinder.


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