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 Post subject: 6 Transport. Getting There Is Half The Battle
PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2010 6:23 pm 
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Getting there is half the battle

Now what we have left is transports. Necessary and often abused. In almost every battle you may need to have some sort of transport. Even if it is only needed to move a few guns around. In some battles you may need to be fully motorized or even mechanized with armored half tracks as your means of transport, Transport comes in many forms from the men hauling bundles of ammo to the heavy trucks hauling the better part of a platoon or your big guns. The only thing that matters is that the units you buy can haul the stuff you want to move. Players can save points here by making cuts in what they will settle for. Again here is a case of quantity is sometimes better then quality or even hauling capacity. Its harder for the enemy to shoot up 10 small trucks then it is to shoot up 3 really big ones. So having smaller units tends to mean you will have some transport even after you lose a few to enemy fire. So be willing to settle for the low cost stuff rather then buy more expensive ones. You only need enough to do the job you have in mind for them. And they don't need to be able to haul twice what you plan to put in them. So going large is not always the best use of your points if all you need to move is an AT gun or some ammo crates. In some cases they are even a luxury and you can walk to where you need to go or settle for a few gun teams.

Save even more points by using them for double duty. Rather then buy enough trucks to move everything you have all at one time consider buying half that amount and making more then one trip. Trucks can cover a lot of ground in the few turns it takes to move stuff around. So there is a very good chance you can get in more then 1 or 2 trips with your trucks. Again the goal here is to save points so that you can spend them on more important things. Buy only what is absolutely necessary for your mission. Trucks and prime movers seldom score kills on anything.

Half Tracks and other armored transport is not for making a mad dash into an area full of enemy infantry. That is a waste of points better spent on other weapons. They can be very useful for moving units forward but your men should dismount and fight on foot recalling the Half tracks for use only after the enemy has been destroyed. The advantage over trucks that half tracks offer is that the troops riding in them will not be dismounted by the game when they take small arms fire. Most trucks will dump the load and run from small arms fire. This means you can take your Half Track a bit closer to the front lines but you really should not lead with them into an area full of enemy AT guns or infantry. Even some heavy mg fire can tear up half tracks so risk them as little as possible and retain them for those times when you need some fast transport. If you using the end game score or some form of score based on points for units destroyed tossing your half tracks at the enemy as easy kills is a good way to give them some fast easy points. The best way to make your Half Track mounted Infantry less of a target is to give the enemy something even more important to stop. ARMOR If your scouts have done a good job, you will have been working on taking out any AT guns and weapons that can hurt your armor. Once that job has begun and the guns are out of action Then you can bring up your armor and half track mounted Infantry and go running off to slaughter the enemy who has been under your artillery fire for at least one turn and who is also taking MG fire and anything else you can toss at them.

This is what you use your Half Tracks for. Exploitation and movement of your infantry with your armor mixed in with them. Any enemy in front of that force will be a lot more concerned about the tanks then a few half tracks that are hard to hit. Any AT capable weapon will be looking to take on a
tank and not a half track. As a side note here. This is what the Anti Tank Rifles and AT rocket launchers are used for. Those weapons are given to the infantry to stop light armor. That is they shoot at the Half tracks and armor cars leaving the larger weapons to fire on the tanks. If your using your Inf AT to hunt tanks your wasting there ability's. You need to be close to score a kill and you darn sure do not want enemy armor that close to you so they fit the bill as the weapons you should use to take out the light enemy units. The chances of a Inf At weapon scoring a kill at a range of 3 or 4 hexes is going to be better against a half track or AC then the chances of killing a tank. If any of those weapons gets to the 1 hex range it won't matter if you still have these units alive. Your going to die anyway.

The best way to use your Half Tracks will be to consider them similar to your tanks. If you would not move your tanks into an area you should not move your half tracks there either. When you do move your armor out the best units to send with them are the half tracks loaded with your infantry. The half tracks then can use the mg's they have to add to the suppression of any AT weapons or infantry that pop up that were hidden previously. This is how you keep your infantry with your armor.

Trucks are best used in your own rear area where they are safe from most enemy fire. Even if they
sometimes seem hard to kill they will often dump the load they have and run for the rear at the first
sound of gunfire aimed at them. If there was ever a coward unit it would be a truck. Use them this
way. Don't risk trying to make a mad dash with them into the enemy lines. All that gets you is a
long line of units stretched out along the road or path you were who are now walking and will be
late arriving to the fight. Having a few spare trucks in sections can be helpful for rounding up units
that are out of contract or stuck someplace and just need someone to come rescue them

Small cars are great for rescuing an out of contact unit. If you have a few of these things around you
can send them over to pick up the HQ and move it to the unit in question to give it new orders and
get it back in the fight. You can also buy a few of these small cars and use them as the HQ formation
to assign those trucks or half tracks that came attached to another formation. You should of learned
by now that when using C&C you never want to have transport attached to a combat formation.

 Post subject: Re: 6 Transport. Getting There Is Half The Battle
PostPosted: Thu May 15, 2014 11:21 pm 
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Joined: Tue Jan 15, 2008 6:44 pm
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