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 Post subject: 9 Anti Air Craft Guns
PostPosted: Thu May 15, 2014 11:12 pm 
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Joined: Tue Jan 15, 2008 6:44 pm
Posts: 464
Location: Playing In the Sandbox
Anti Aircraft Guns and Air Craft

Anti Aircraft Artillery (Triple A) Flak Guns, Pom Pom guns, AA Guns, and possible a few
other names all refer to the guns dedicated to firing on enemy aircraft.

It's assumed that Aircraft are part of the game and that the use of AA guns is to defend
against those aircraft and not to use them in a ground role to shoot tanks or infantry up.
While the AA guns can do this that is not why they are there or should be there. There are
better weapons to use then these guns for those purposes.

AA guns come in may forms. Both in size and means of transport. Often this depends on
the size of the gun. In the game AA guns come in three main sizes. AA Mg's. Light AA and
Heavy AA. These are also sometimes referred to as flak guns

AA Mg's are normal mg's sometimes with special sights mounted on an Anti Aircraft mounting
that allows the gunner to traverse the gun quickly in order to follow the flight of the airplane.
These guns can also be found mounted on Half tracks, cars and even tanks. Basically they
are just mg's that can be fired skyward due to being mounted with that use in mind.

Light AA guns are often in the range of 20 mm to 40 mm range and can be either towed guns
which can be moved easily by a utility vehicle, truck or a gun team. Self propelled guns which
are mounted on trucks, half tracks or older tank chassis These weapons are designed to provide
a defense against low flying aircraft, They can often be used on ground targets such as infantry
and armor.

Heavy AA Guns range from 40 mm to 120 mm or more. These guns were designed to fire on the
higher flying aircraft and like the light guns can be towed, mounted on a vehicle or found as part
of an emplacement (hard mounted) They too can be used to fire on ground targets with great
effect due to not only the larger shells they fire but by the fact they often have a very high
velocity and therefore have a flat trajectory making they long range tank killers.

In the next few posts I will better explain the weapons and how to use them. But when you set
out to buy AA guns for defending your forces from air attack you should buy a mix of these weapons
some from each group if you can afford it. If your on a tight budget get at the very least the
AA mg's or a few of the Light AA guns. The goal here is to buy enough of a selection to create
layers of AA Fire. So that planes seeking to attack you run the gauntlet of Hvy. AA as they are
approaching the target area, then the Lt AA as they begin to close on the target and then the
AA mg's as they enter the bomb run. If you set up properly any aircraft will not only have to
run this gauntlet going in but also going out from the target area.


 Post subject: Re: 9. Anti Air Craft Guns
PostPosted: Thu May 15, 2014 11:13 pm 
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Joined: Tue Jan 15, 2008 6:44 pm
Posts: 464
Location: Playing In the Sandbox
AA Mg's

As noted above these are not special guns. They may have special sights that allow a gunner
to track the fast moving aircraft but they fire standard rifle rounds. As far as game use goes
there is one important thing to know about AA Mg's. Due to the class of the weapons they
track aircraft and will op fire on them as they fly overhead. They can be used to fire on ground
targets but they will be less effective in that role. They are not going to op fire on infantry,
They are busy scanning the sky for incoming aircraft.

To best use these weapons use them in groups and keep them close to the units they are to defend.
They are the last resort weapon in your arsenal. Most of the time they won't prevent an attack but
they may end it by shooting down the attacking plane sometimes after it attacks and is flying away.

One of the main advantages of the AA MG's is they are easy to hide, can be moved in just about
any vehicle and can always walk if necessary. They are not that expensive. If your going to set
up on board Artillery or a Mortar park with ammo crates it would be wise idea to buy some of these
weapons so that any aircraft that attacks your artillery will have to pass through some defenses.

I would suggest you place them close to the units they are to defend and set the ranges to a
rather low setting such as 8 to 10 hexes. They will op fire on aircraft and not infantry so if
your position is in danger you may want to move these units to safety before they are overrun by
the enemy.


 Post subject: Re: 9. Anti Air Craft Guns
PostPosted: Thu May 15, 2014 11:13 pm 
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Joined: Tue Jan 15, 2008 6:44 pm
Posts: 464
Location: Playing In the Sandbox
Light AA guns

These units are often in the 20 mm to 40 mm range and were created to take care of the lower
flying aircraft. They can be used to fire on infantry or armor but they also do not op fire on them
unless they are being fired on and even then rarely will they shoot back. Players may use these
guns to button up tanks or suppress infantry. Keep in mind if they are using the guns for that
purpose they may be open to attack from the air since the gun is burning up its ammo in ground
targets. They are useful for setting up AA traps along the flight paths enemy planes will use.
If you purchase enough of them to create a crossfire and have multiple guns firing on the plane as
it enters the area.

These weapons should be placed in a way that gives them a unobstructed field of view but also
offers some sort of protection from enemy fire. They tend to be rather large weapons and are
somewhat easy to damage. The enemy player who wants to fly repeated aircraft missions is going
to fire his mortars or artillery on these units if they become spotted. Ranges on these units can
be set higher since the guns can score kills from a distance so I would suggest a range from 10 to 15
hexes for them. I also suggest that since they are potential targets for enemy attack that you
consider buying some form of transport for them and move them every so often to keep the enemy
from flying around them or plotting artillery on them.

Many of these guns can be found already mounted on a truck, Prime Mover or Older Tank chassis
While this does make them easy to move around it also makes them a potential target for the
aircraft itself. We all know by now that Planes love to shoot at Vehicles of any sort over guns and
infantry. Since these guns are mounted on a vehicle they are easier to spot then a gun.
Keep that in mind if you buy the SP AA guns.


 Post subject: Re: 9. Anti Air Craft Guns
PostPosted: Thu May 15, 2014 11:13 pm 
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Joined: Tue Jan 15, 2008 6:44 pm
Posts: 464
Location: Playing In the Sandbox
Heavy AA Guns.

These are the Larger guns. The 88's the 90mm and 128mm guns that are used to create the
fields of flak you see bursting around the Heavy Bomber streams when watching footage of the
Heavy Bomber missions. These are the guns used to defend cities and factory's from high altitude

The are often mounted on a gun platform that resembles a crucifix or large X to provide a stable
platform for firing in an all around defense. Most of them are capable of firing in the ground role
or as artillery. Most of you will at one time or another lost a few tanks to the 88's or 90mm AA
guns of the enemy.

Two of these guns could be capable of firing on the same turn as they are deployed from a tow.
This is because the guns were capable of firing from the road carriage in a limited traverse. The
two guns are the 88mm S Flak and the 90mm Hvy Flack guns. This depends on the Mod your
using and the specific version of the guns available to you. Not all mods allow this since a vocal
group of players felt this sort of thing was unfair and managed to get them removed. History be
damned it interfered with the envisioned version of game play. So don't expect this if your mod
doesn't allow it. Look for guns that are classed as Heavy Flak

These large guns should be placed in areas where they command a large view of the battlefield
and have ranges set high in the 20 plus range since they are more them capable of shooting
and killing at those ranges. However they may also op fire on Armor and other vehicles so you
have to make a choice between Air defense and risky placement allowing them to be seen by the
enemy at long range. They are considered to be duel classed as Flak and AT weapons even
though that is not shown in the games data

These guns are also artillery magnets and will no doubt be targets for enemy artillery since they
are hard to get close too unless suppressed or blinded by smoke. They pack a powerful punch
so any fire on an infantry unit is almost sure to cause kills and most Lt and Med Vehicles are as
good as dead when hit. Most tanks will also be destroyed when hit by these weapons and
often at a long range.


 Post subject: Re: 9 Anti Air Craft Guns
PostPosted: Thu May 15, 2014 11:19 pm 
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Joined: Tue Jan 15, 2008 6:44 pm
Posts: 464
Location: Playing In the Sandbox
Other Flak guns

These are often guns that most players don't even know they have. They are mounted on
cars, trucks, tanks and landing craft and are for the most part just an AA MG. Don't discount
these units. They are worth the few points that they cost over a unit that lacks an AA gun
of any sort if you are expecting to see enemy aircraft.

You will also find a lot of different mountings on Vehicles of the guns described above. This does
make they more useful for mobile operations since they do not need to deploy and load to be ready
to take on enemy aircraft. However it often makes an already large gun even larger by putting it
on a vehicle. These unit will often be very fragile and with an exposed crew easy to knock out.
Do not make a habit out of letting the enemy see and shoot at these units.

Now a word of caution here. Some units are nothing more then a Jeep or car with an AA gun on
them and a towing capacity or scout role. Do not over buy these units thinking that using them
in place of the unarmed or lesser armed units that really should be there is a good idea. If you do
this sort of thing you may have the other players complaining about your use of them. Not every
jeep or car had an AA gun mounted on it and yours should not either.


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