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 Post subject: 4 Multiple Targets. To Shoot Or Not To Shoot
PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2010 5:06 pm 
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Multiple Targets Shoot or No Shoot Situations

What should you do when facing multiple targets? Move is the best answer. Not shoot. If you shoot your going to draw op fire. Op fire tends to be accurate and effective. The computer does not shoot unless it has a chance to score a kill shot. Depending on the preference settings it is quite possible you could face op fire from several units. Not a good thing. In this case your out gunned and should not be where you are. MOVE and come back latter when you can get a better position to shoot from. DO NOT try and shoot it out thinking you can get a kill or two and live to run away.

If you have no choice you want to pick the most dangerous target to your own unit. While you may be tempted to shoot at the light tank that is closer to you and gives you a better hit chance percentage that tank is not the biggest threat if there is a another more powerful tank a bit farther away from you that is more then capable of killing your own tank. The target is the enemy unit that has the most potential to kill you not the one that offers you the best shot percentage. It is better to shoot at the PZ IV G then it is to shoot at the PZ II even if that PZ II is 3 hexes closer. Killing that PZ IV removes the bigger threat to you then killing that PZ II. I would rather take fire from that PZ II's 20mm gun then the 75mm gun that the PZ IV will be shooting at me latter if I fail to kill it. Pick the biggest threat and shoot at that.

One more important thing about shooting. That is at what range should you open fire at if you have
los on units but it is long range. We looked at that a little bit when we looked at the tanks and you
should have a good idea of what range you have to have to score a kill shot. That doesn't mean that
you should fire just because you can score a kill. Take the time to consider the percentage chance
the game is telling you that shot will have as a base chance to hit. Shooting at 2% is not going to be
all that effective. You may score a kill with a lucky hit and you can expect to get op fire in return since the computer thinks it can score a kill shot. However if you are not spotted yet and you can wait a bit to allow the enemy to get closer to your guns, You raise the chances that each shot you take will score a kill. This not only saves you ammo it has an effect on the enemy player who just lost a lot of units in one turn, You may scare him off or make him do something that is not part of his plan. You put him in to the position of having to reconsider his plans. He now has to react to your actions and is not working on fulfilling his own plan. This advice is good even with mg's and infantry it is not just related to armor Waiting to move or shoot is a hard thing to do. But it is what you need to do to be a better player. Its not about shooting or even shooting first it is all about effective shooting.

Think of this in terms of a duel or old west gunfight at high noon. Any idiot can work up the courage
to stand there and draw his gun. It doesn't take much skill to pull the trigger either so even if you
are the fastest draw and can fire off more ammo in a few seconds then the other guy you will lose
if you do not hit the other guy. If he can stand there and make his first shot count and kill you dead
where you stand it doesn't matter that you beat him to the draw and fired off 4 shots. You are still
dead. Accuracy and patience are the keys to winning not speed at shooting and missing.

Through out the game your main goal is to take out the enemy units that are the most dangerous to you and cost the most points. This means that if your have trucks and tanks to shoot at your best shot will be on the tanks which can fire back and cost more. Those trucks while you want to kill them are not going to be much of a threat to you. Kill the threats first then go after the easy kills and shoot them in order of cost. Shoot at the heavy trucks first and then the light trucks. The reason for this is simple. If something happens and your gun goes down or you run out of ammo or even if your killed by a unit you didn't see your trying to score the most points before something bad happens to you. Never assume that the good luck your having will go on for a few more turns. Always plan for the worst to happen. Don't leave things to chance and hope it favors you.

One last note about shooting. I submit that players should avoid the lazy method of point and clicking on an enemy to fire off a round. I feel that it is better to insure your shooting at the target you want to fire on by using the T key to target the enemy unit and then the F key to fire off a round. This is very important if there is more then one unit in the enemy hex. You want to shoot at the tank and not the scout squad that just dismounted last turn. If you use the point and click method of firing you may not be firing on your desired target.

While not a factor so much using the Enhanced mods or the Vanilla game it can be important to look at what you plan to shoot at. I say this because we made dummy tanks out of trucks in the North Afrika mod. They look just like the real thing in almost every way. The only way you can tell they are not the real thing (other then them not shooting at you) is to examine them by clicking on them. You will note the difference that way and can skip shooting at that target and find a real tank to fire on. This can come into play in other mods but only in a different form. If your faced with several tanks to choose from all of equal threat to you. You want to know that the tank your shooting at is not one that has has only Mg's for main guns. It would be preferable to shoot at one that can and will fire back at you. While I do not suggest you check every unit before every shot you take. You may want to look around a bit more carefully if you are looking at multiple targets and are at risk of losing your own unit to return fire. I do suggest you consider looking around a bit before you reach for the trigger. You do want to make the most of each shot you fire before you are knocked out yourself. By looking around a bit at the general area you may also be able to determine which of the enemy units is the HQ unit for a platoon or company sized formation. Obviously shooting and killing them is going to pay off a great deal more then just shooting at any old tank.


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